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Research for Chinese Society

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It is also a piece of science works that uses suspicious reasoning as a blade to kill a bloody path in the world's numerous book forests.

What the Da Vinci Code reveals is a lost truth. Langdon and Sophie's full pursuit is the restoration of the lost truth.

Goddess worship.

The crushed souls of the Crusaders' Titans had been pieced together little by little. Every caretaker was waiting for her to return to the world.

When religion is imposed in real time, people lose their true face.

The taint of desire rips spiritual beliefs off the altar and degenerates into a means for those who are in power to deceive people. The truth was buried, and people worthy of admiration were distorted into strangeness. True teachings were shredded and people were thoroughly caught in meticulously written scams.

"How dark is the man's scam?" In order to be selfish, he tramples the heavens into mud, and the same women as humans fall into a demon. During that dark period, the blood flowed into rivers, and all the sublime excellence was extinguished. It also killed all the unblemished and pure.

In times of trouble, there are always heroes coming to the world, or mentioning the sword and riding the world, or forbearing for a long time.

The sages have spared no effort to leave behind clues of unraveling the truth in the life of the impoverished. After a long period of time, people have been continuously searching for groans. The treasures that were once destroyed by the most brutal and extinct methods can be saved in such a silent manner. Cross the battle and the time.

When the world is auspicious, there will be equal amounts of darkness brewing, and when the world is bloody, there will be equal amounts of light growing. If we say that this is a law that weighs everything, then wouldn't mankind have to spend all his life in perpetuity? The hope that coexistence with despair is an unfinished catastrophe. Should we be trapped forever?

The answer to this question should be found in the Lost Secret, Dan Brown's answer, and the Holy Spirit.

Because of its fanaticism, Teabing was the reason for the church’s churches. Silas, because of his beliefs, did not seem to be too malicious about the starting point of this work’s villains, but managed these things to be the most tragic tragedies.

The fear is not desire, but an inattention to be controlled by the soul, Teabing is so, Aringarore is also the same, blindfolded eyes plugged in both ears, the function of the senses was plundered, desire to get into the brain Every inch of nerves can not escape its command, the blood boils over the bones and bones, and human beings use the flesh to transform their lives into evil spirits. This is different from the original animal nature that was ignited by emotional outbursts. This is a kind of hypnosis. The person is still human, but he is not allowed to do anything but to release the evil thoughts. Reason still exists, but it has already been revised beyond recognition.



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