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Respect Goes a Long Way

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Respect Goes a Long Way

If I could teach only one of the three qualities of good citizenship to my child, it would have to be respect. I would teach my child respect because my child is a reflection of myself, respect is important, and in order to receive respect, you must give it. Responsibility and resourcefulness are important as well, but not as important as respect. Respect goes a long way and it is beneficial in every aspect of life.

To begin, I would teach my child respect simply because my child is a reflection of me. I do not want my child going around being disrespectful to others. If my child is being disrespectful, the first thing someone is going to say is that the parents are not doing their job in the household. I remember when I was younger my mother gave me the worst beating of my life because I had been disrespectful to my coach. After that horrible beating, she explained to me why she was mad and why she did it. She explained to me that it makes it seems as if she's not raising me right and that it makes her look like an unfit mother. From that day forward, I knew I couldn't do it again because I was a reflection of her. Respect starts at home.

To continue, I would teach my child respect over responsibility and resourcefulness because respect is very important. Respect is important because it allows people to communicate and live peacefully and in harmony. If I respect you, even when I do not agree with something you've said or done, I will not make offensive comments. I may voice my opinion about certain things, but it will not become an argument. Arguments usually turn into people disrespecting each other. If I'm being disrespectful, how would that look if I'm at work or in front of my elders? Again, respect goes a long way and I want to instill the importance of respect in my child.



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