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Responsible Recycling

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Responsible Recycling


Recycling is a very important part for environmental conservation. The Earth is becoming depleted of natural resources. People must act and minimize the environmental footprint that is created daily. One person can make a difference by setting the example and educating the people who surrounds him or her, one by one; after a period of time those people will influence the people who surround them, and so on. A person needs to learn and practice the "three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle." Reducing is a key factor to conserve the environment. Learning to reduce energy consumption, water waste (conserve water), and reduce solid waste. Reducing can be a little challenging at the beginning, but it becomes easier as time goes on. Re-use is another great way of reducing pollution. The more that material is reused, the less is thrown away to the landfills. Recycle is also a very important factor to minimize pollution. Most of the stuff that is thrown away is recyclable, if a person just takes a little bit of time to separate the garbage and dispose of it accordingly; he or she would be making a big improvement with small steps. Also to help the process of recycling to be a success, a person should buy products made out of recycled composition.

One Person's Impact

The world is in danger, and needs as much help from the people living in it to care for it. It is impossible for one person to save the world and solve all its problems. In concern to conservation and preservation, one person can make an immense difference. Recycling is one of the best methods for an individual to make a difference in the household and community. An individual can cultivate the love and care for the environment to the people who surround him or her on a daily basis. The individual sets the example and the person who witnesses his or her actions will eventually desire to do the right thing; whether for social acceptance, validation, or just for the personal satisfaction of knowing they are doing something good for themselves and society. Recycling is generally simple, usually supported by curbside pickup "Curbside collection is the most effective and convenient program, which is why it has become an increasingly popular trend in the United States. The convenience of curbside collection has shown a significantly higher recovery rate of quality recyclables when compared to drop-off programs" ("Coca-Cola and Nestle Support Post-Consumer Packaging Responsibility," 2011). There are also recycling companies and programs that one can take advantage of, and can even be profitable. In addition, it helps the environment.

How a person can help

To save the environment from a point of no return an individual should assume responsibilities and implement a stewardship program with the people who surround him or her, including children, immediate family members, and if possible friends. Helping the people understand the environmental impact of the choices one makes. An individual must understand and help other people understand and practice the three R's: "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle."


To become a more conscious and better environmental citizen, an individual must learn to reduce ecological footprint by cutting back on daily consumptions, this includes energy, water, and solid waste. Reducing is a very important part of helping the environment. Here are three



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