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Review of Related Literature

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Review of Related Literature

A collection of extensive related literature is an essential part of a research

paper in a way that it serves as the framework of the study to make it substantial, credible, and reliable. It serves as the feet of a research study so it can stand on its own and make it strong enough for future researches to build upon.

The researcher gathered all literatures, both foreign and local, that are

deemed important to the topic at hand. Each literature was read and scrutinized, and significant statements were selected and paraphrased by the researcher to

come up with this compilation of literature.

Forein Literature


(,1998) "what we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy." Improving health is a shared responsibility of health care providers and public health officials, as well as a variety of organizations and individuals who contribute to the well-being of the community. No single entity can make a community healthy. So much more can be accomplished by working together with a common vision to improve health.

Family is a bond that usually works basically on mutual understanding. The best principles are formulated and followed in harmony. A family can be described as an eternal source of moral support, joy, friendship and never ending bliss. The harmony works like a refueling agent and kindles the fire of enthusiasm. Families have been predominant since man settled down from his nomadic life. On the basis of various experiences, many great people have quoted various quotations that are popular all around the world. These quotations remain as a guide to direct mankind on the route of compassion, love and ardor



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