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Rhetorical Précis

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Rhetorical Précis

Richard D. Rieke and Malcolm O. Sillars in the essay, American Value Systems (Boston: Allyn& Bacon, 1984), claims that there are many different types of value systems that each of us, the audience, might be categorized in; however, there are some individuals who either cross value systems or be found outside these systems. Rieke and Sillars support their claims by listing the six major value systems, explaining each of them and discussing how we can relate to them. The author's purpose is to inform the audience about characterizations and examples of these different value systems so that we can pick and choose from them and understand the one that resembles our individual values. The author writes in a formal tone for the average person to understand.

The meaning of this poem is basically that even though the traveler was there, the world continues to go on. It doesn't matter what one does in life, man comes and goes with little to no outcome on the rest of the world, but nature is everlasting. Another understanding is that everything in life comes to a conclusion at some position. The waves could symbolize the ups and downs of life and the way that some things should be elapsed. A final explanation is no matter what happened yesterday; today is a fresh day and what's in the past resides there.

There are so many times, when I have even been in the car with my parents and we were driving up and down different streets trying to find a place. My mom would tell my dad to just pull over and ask someone for directions. But my dad would just continue to drive and say he would find it. Asking for help seems to be one of the hardest things for people to do. Most people go through life without really knowing what their purpose is and what God really wants them to do in life because they have not asked. Even some Christians are afraid to ask for something because in their minds, they feel if they are asking, then they must have failed in some way; and therefore are not good Christians. As Christians, some of us want to act as if everything is perfect and we have a solution to all our problems, but in reality, this is all so far from the truth. The Bible tells us that we should ask what God wants of us and He will let us know. God wants to help us but we must ask for His help. If we knew everything, we wouldn't need His help. It is so simple......Ask and you shall receive.......knock and the door will be opened.



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