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Richard Mitchell and Craig Vetter Education

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Essay Preview: Richard Mitchell and Craig Vetter Education

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In the papers written by Albert Nock, Richard Mitchell and Craig Vetter education, in their eyes, is looked upon poorly. They aren't necessarily blaming it on the kids today, but believe there is desperate need of better teachers. Teachers that will teach a child how to think for himself and be confident in what he knows. They all believe the education system is failing kids by what they aren't teaching them. Vetter blames the system for the inability to find teachers that can teach a child to write. Mitchell blames the education system for the simpleton educationists who turn millions of children out into the world unprepared for what life holds. Nock's complaint seemed to be that education is too little regarded. These authors are looking at education from different perspectives and also from different times. Vetter's view on education is very harsh, Mitchell's view is very political and Knox's view is open-minded, but they all seem to be discouraged with the education system.

All of these writer's believe it is a necessity to have an education although not all people are educable. They believe a person should to be able to think and write for themselves and be able to stand up for what he believes in. Even if being educated, as Nock would put it, is at somewhat a disadvantage to some because, it deprives a young person of one of his most precious possessions, the sense of cooperation with his fellow man and it also leads a person on to ask a great deal more from life than what could actually satisfy him. Nock still believes having an education is a joy and a satisfaction and something nobody can take away. Mitchell believes having an education is our only path to whatever wisdom we can have, to whatever goodness we can know and the only path to whatever happiness we can enjoy. To Mitchell, education is the wholesome nourishment of the mind, by which it may grow strong enough to be the master of the will and not it's slave. What Mitchell and Vetter both agreed on was the fact that basic minimum competence is a necessity for students that graduate to be able to fill out a basic application without embarrassing themselves. Vetter really has nothing nice to say about education he just believes that writing is self taught no one can teach you how to write. Education to all of these writers is something you have to want.



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