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Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

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After a thorough examination of the inventory and control at Riordan Manufacturing, we have identified key improvements that would be significant to the system as a whole in terms or increase productivity. The majority of labor done in the entire Riordan manufacturing process is done manually, we believe that by using current technology; mainly computer digital information storage would be beneficial to Riordan Manufacturing. Using current technology would increase productivity by reducing the need for physical documents and tedious labor and also accelerate the process at which the current process operates for more results daily.

The supervisors of each department need to have access to a digital mediums such a computer but more preferably a mobile digital device with the ability to wirelessly connect to a server. A wireless digital device will enable supervisors to be present for work-related issues as well as track and confirm in real-time. The current processes of the supervisors call for written documents that must be sent and file by an office clerk into a computer system. By having the office clerk's computer system as well as a computer system or device used by the department supervisors connected to a server under an intranet would enable real-time tracking and logging of data. Instead of having to wait for documents to be hand carried or faxed to the clerk, data can instantly be sent to the clerk instead.

Office clerk computers such as the Inventory Office and Shipping/Billing office should be connected to a virtualization system which can host many severs at a time that



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