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Roald Dahl Summary

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Essay Preview: Roald Dahl Summary

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Lamb to the slaughter

Mary is clearly a devoted wife to her husband. She takes care and love her husband. She is waiting for Patrick and wants everything to be ready when he is coming home. But the portrait created in the beginning of Mary does clearly not prepare us for what’s in her mind, cause she is sad and angry inside at her husband, cause he want to get divorced, and she took care of him all of this time and is pregnant with their child at 6th. She is also very clever, cause when she decides to murder him, she had the ability to plan the “perfect murder”. When Mary killed her husband she “giggles”, which rather disturbingly suggests a darker side of Mary that is in every human being. And can appear in even the most perfect people. Mary is not a bad person at all, but her world is cracking. And there is evil in all of us, even in the most “perfect people”, who have the “perfect life”. In Mary’s case everything was falling apart at the same time, and that turned her into a murder. She probably didn’t think twice about the consequences of what  she did.

Beware of the dog

Peter Williamson is flying home injured after he lost a leg. When he begins to feel better, he decides to jump out of his plane. He wakes up in a hospital. And is told he is in Brighton. However, he soon begins to notice that the hospital is not quite as it should be. The water is hard, but he remembers that the water in Brighton is soft. He also hears the sounds of German flights flying overhead, in England the German bombers would be shot down. He looks out of the window and sees a sign, which says “Garde au Chien” - French for “Beware of the Dog”, and he realizes that he is in France. After this, a nurse tells him that someone from the Royal Air Force here to see him. Knowing he is in France, and a prisoner Peter refuses to tell anything more than his name, rank and number.

Man from the South

The title on Roald Dahl’s “Man from the South” doesn’t really have much to do with what is going on in the story. When I hear the title, I expect to hear something about a black man who is an immigrant in a country in the North. But like most of Roald Dahl’s titles they don’t really have much to do with the story line, you almost never get what you expect from the titles Roald Dahl choose. The only thing that could be compared is that, they’re in Jamaica, which is in the South. And the old man is probably from Jamaica, which makes him to “Man from the South”.  I cant figure much more out why Roald had picked this Title to this story, because It don’t really catch me as a reader If it was a story in a newspaper I would just skip it and move on.



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