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Robert Freund Lecture Report

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Robert Freund Lecture Report

Robert Freund who is a Professor of Management Science and a Professor of Operations Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management, which I believe have a different position than other fellows in this fields of study. Academic studies generally based on theory, sometimes far away from the reality. Professor Freund creates his view based on real life examples such as Google and other industries that focuses on optimization.

Mr. Freund explains us the significance of optimization in all kinds of fields. Optimization works very parallel with mathematics, especially probability theory. Most of the students are having problems because of missing the relation between mathematics and the optimization. Freund focuses on this relation with easy-real life examples. If a student gets well this strong link without just memorizing the mathematical theory, can create well solutions in both business and academic studies.

Freund continues his lecture with successful engineering model on web search engine, Google. The essential factor makes Google the best their new style of search. They are using Probability Distribution and Page Ranking System which quite successfully combines mathematics and real operation. Also Google creates a new advertising system that brings amazing profitability. They create a basic, well-working and sustainable system, these all means success in business. Freund tells us these significant points which make companies and ideas more worthy. Key of the competition is these factors in all kinds of business.

"Entrepreneurship, life is already an entrepreneurship" were the words Nihat Berker has begin his speech. Mr. Berker who spends 32 years in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with 11 years as a full professor, is a perfect speaker for MIT Sloan Seminars in Management. This is because his life story, Nihat Berker had started his education when he graduated Robert College and he came back to Turkey with full of love for education and his country.

Mr. Berker and Sabancı University has a vital understanding in common, the respect of the nature , process and allowing space to every member of Sabancı University. First of all, Sabancı University as an institution has great respect to students&instructions. Any student of the school can debate a subject with Nihat Berker directly. This brings everyone feel important and creates a reason for study/work. According to Mr. Berker formula of the success is not something like Pandora's Box, he just said "If you know what you want, if you are honest and work for it you'll get success definitely" it is simple as that. I believe this perception is working not only in sciences but also every kind of field. After that having this viewpoint if you get supported enough with your University and environment, the success is just about matter of time.




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