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Robert Owen Management Theories

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Robert Owen ( 14 may 1771-17 November 1858) was a Welsh social reformer who was one of the founders of cooperative movement and the utopian socialism. Owen had a very simplistic view on the ways management should be perceived. Owen believed that all people are responsible for their will and their actions independently; also, people are products of heredity and environment. Owens ideas were thought of due to his ownership of a cotton mill, where he created the movement of limiting child employment to the age minimum of ten years old and reducing the workday to ten and a half hours.His very simplistic view created better living conditions for workers via improving housing, public works, sanitation and establishing schools for the children. Owen pushed for this movement for a better environment due to his belief that a better environment causes people to form a good character. Now days his views are still widely accepted and his ideas have set the groundwork for human relations movement.

Charles Babbage (1792-1871), an English mathematician, formed the groundwork of modern computing where he produced the first mechanical calculator and also formed the 'analytical engine' which is the basis for modern day computers. Babbage interests in management arose largely from his concerns with work specialization (work divided into jobs) via his previous projects. Babbage also developed the idea of profit sharing, where employees were giving bonuses for useful suggestions and a share of the company's profit. Babbage's profit sharing plan caused the stem for future profit sharing plans such as the Scanlon plan, the Rucker plan and improsharing.

Henry R. Towne (1844-1924), was the president of the Yale and Towne manufacturing company and was a mechanical engineer. Towne was one of the first engineers to see how management techniques can be contributed into the development of the engineering profession.



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