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Robin Hood Case

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Essay Preview: Robin Hood Case

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Case 18: Robin Hood

1. Problem Statement:

There's an increasing size of the band that leads to more expenses.


Base on the text, Miller's son is the one accountable for provisioning the band of Merry men. Miller's son will be able to have a difficult time to handle the situation. The best way to do is to be able to have some other personnel to help out control the band. They must be able to come up with some policy that could be able to scrutinize the people who want to be part of the band. Thru which, they can have less cost and at the same time could give help their band to have a much stronger reinforcement with people who are well knowledgeable to train with.


The fact that there are a lot of people who wants to be part of the band, it is very important to optimize a systematic delegation of tasks to some of the members of the band. The strategy I propose is somewhat kind of creating the band's HR department wherein there are some selected people who are accountable for scrutinizing people who wants to be part of the band because thru which it can lead to less expense and newly recruit people already has skill and ability that align to the mission of the band. And after which they could possibly assign their members to the specific locations to examine the environment and made possibly to report on the top management about what's going on the specific location.

2. Problem Statement:

Exceeds the food capacity of the forest, Game was becoming scarce, and supplies had to be obtained from outlying villages.


Create a well-known and well-respected brand name to be able to enlarge and build a strong network with its countrymen that could possible support and help their necessities.


The band of Robin Hood is a brand. The fame of his Merrymen serves as an advantage for them in terms of building a good brand in the community.

By having a good branding name could help them be able to utilize and build relationship with other countrymen within the place of England. Thru which they could possibly enlarge their connection and be able to help out the supplementary needs of the band. They could be able to create and come up with a good advertising for the band. Since they belong in a large community, using the power of word of mouth is effective in order for them to connect with people that could possibly help them to fulfill their needs to be able to reach for the goal the band wants to achieve. They could possibly position their band along with the goal of wanting to help



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