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Rodrigues Man Power Assesment

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Essay Preview: Rodrigues Man Power Assesment

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The aim of the manpower assessment exercise was to determine the manpower requirements of the RRA to enable the latter to fulfill its mandate. The main objectives of the exercise were to:

(i) determine the needs of the organisation in terms of human resources;

(ii) ascertain that human resources are performing duties as prescribed in the schemes of service;

(iii) assess whether the human resources are judiciously and fully utilized in terms of service delivery, allocation of duties and responsibilities; and

(iv) come up with findings.

2.2 DATA COLLECTION 2.2.1 SOURCES OF DATA USED Both primary and secondary data have been used for this exercise. Primary data have been collected from duly filled-in questionnaires from the population, a representative sample across grades from each Commission. Secondary data have been primarily obtained from the Civil Establishment (Rodrigues Regional Assembly) Order 2011, the Programme-Based Budget (PBB) 2011 for the Rodrigues Regional Assembly, the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) Report 2008 (Vol II, Part IV), schemes of service of posts on the establishment of the RRA, websites of the RRA, reports submitted by officers of the RRA and official figures from the Central Statistical Office. 2.2.2 POPULATION & SAMPLING METHOD The focus of attention in the exercise was employees across all grades on the establishment of the RRA which amounted to some 3000 as at 20 June 2011, ending period of the exercise. Since the population comprised employees in various grades and in a large number, a stratified random sampling method has been resorted to so as to allow for a proper assessment, as far as possible, within each subgroup of the population.

Chapter 2: Methodology


2.2.3 DATA COLLECTION METHOD The survey method has been used in the exercise as it allows the collection of a large amount of data from a sizeable population in a short period of time. Data collection techniques normally used in the survey method such as questionnaire, observation and structured interviews have been resorted to. Site visits have also been carried out in some cases. The questionnaire has been used for this study taking into consideration that it is the most common technique, in terms of cost and time, and the most practical one, in terms of ease of quantifying the results obtained. 2.2.4 QUESTIONNAIRES USED A Job Evaluation Questionnaire (Annex 2A), which was already in use for manpower assessment exercises carried out in Ministries/Departments, had been circulated at the preliminary exercise effected in Rodrigues from 5 to 6 July 2010 by two officers of the MCSAR. Around 200 filled-in questionnaires were returned to the MCSAR and preliminary information such as name, grade, posting, line of reporting, core duties, list of subordinates, etc on



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