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Role and Functions of Law

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Role and Functions of Law

For a business to function and be able to establish itself, must have set pre-established guidelines. Every member of the management should have among its primary functions, the doing that such guidelines established accomplished by all the members of the business including the executives, employees, customers, investors and all the other people who in one way or another are part of the operation of the business. These pre-established guidelines governed by established laws that must not be ignored when the company works in a successful way according to the standards and morality. The law not only punishes the one who infringes it but also protect the one who takes refuge in it. It is important the knowledge of these laws, their functions and the role played by these laws in business and society.

In Business.

The law includes a complex Web of federal State and municipal statutes that work together to ensure fairness and justice in business. These laws encourage the competition through the protection of the rights of property regardless of whether it is a simple commercial transaction, as the sale of household appliance, or if it is a million dollar transaction.

The business laws deal with companies that are already underway, as well as those companies that are in the process of start functioning. Among the issues governing law of business are the fiscal affairs of the companies, intellectual property, rights of workers among others and those who follow these laws are being ethically responsible not only for themselves but also for the business for which they work. Without laws, the economic growth would not exist, and the economy might collapse, as well as the foreign investors would not see with good eyes the possibility of investing or doing business in this country.

In Society

Human beings do not live alone. We live in a society and depend on each other. To live in harmony we need rules and regulations indicating what are permissible, but it also what is not. Every social group creates its rules and regulations to guide the conduct within the family, school, club, etc. There are rules and regulations of various kinds: courtesy, hygiene, moral, religious, etc... Laws are legal norms established by society, through their representatives, to order the community life.

The Law is the way to establish not only rights, but also obligations, designed to seek the welfare of the community and not only for the good of a few. It is the way that all persons could coexist and solve in a most civilized way, differences and disagreements to avoid affecting the rights of others.

In my work environment

In my work experience, I can mention that the law has always made presence. In this case, I refer to my performance in the company that worked as office



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