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Role and Life of Mental Health Counselor

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Essay Preview: Role and Life of Mental Health Counselor

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What can one consider being a tipping point in a situation? Is it when a situation changes from bad to worse? Could it be when it changes from good to better? Or could it be from when it changes from a bad situation and all of a sudden it turns around and becomes good? Methods of domination power are the driving forces in society. Throughout history, there have always been those in power and those that are dominated the traditional organization always has its leader or leaders. There is a chain of command, orders, and a system of duties and responsibilities. Such an organization is ruled through domination, because no matter how the ruler is chosen, they're equally empowered. Power is the capacity to insist or resist a situation. If a manager can hire, fire, reward, or in any other way control someone's financial well-being or freedom, the manger can use power against the employee. Although this is an unethical behavior, it is part of the game. I believe power is unavoidable because there will always be a leader and he/ she will always make you aware of who's in charge.

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