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Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of any security or safety personnel in the areas of protection of health, welfare and the assets within the organization can vary depending on what type of company is involved. Another considerable factor is what type of security is being performed. If an individual is performing the task of maintaining a safe computer environment, that would target different aspects than the person responsible for the security of the grounds. However, even though these jobs are slightly different in the make-up of them, the most important thing is to have reliable personnel that will be qualified to complete the task being asked of them.

Health Protection

One of the most important aspects of any personnel in this field is to keep the health of the organization and employee's as a top priority. This may require additional staff to be added on that are able to provide the needed essentials for any potential health risk. Many organizations that are centralized industrial are more inclined to hire employee's that are knowledgeable in the areas of health. These organizations may offer emergency response training to the employee's that may or may not be volunteer firefighters, former emergency medical technicians or medical assistants. That is in no way negating from any other employee who may wish to participate in the free training. By offering this training to personnel the company is ensuring that if a health related incident happens to occur, that employee's are able to successfully maintain a situation until more advanced medical personnel can arrive.

A key aspect in making sure the organization is abiding by health related issues would be to offer awareness of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Industrial organizations should have a noticeable sign posted throughout the building, explaining the standards that are required by OSHA in maintaining proper health management issues. With the aid of these signs, employees will be able to report any incidents that may have occurred in an accurate and risk free environment. OSHA training courses need to be offered within the organization to any individual that may be in direct contact with a health related incident.

Welfare of the Company

The worst place to work would be for an organization that is not willing to ensure the welfare of the companies most valuable assets, the employee's. The hiring of qualified individuals to perform this task needs to be the first step in ensuring the protection of not only what happens within the walls, but outside as well. However, not all forms of protecting the welfare of the organization are in the form of people. One form of maintaining the welfare of the company's assets is equipping computer security programs. With the



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