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Roman Catholicism Culture Case

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Everyone's seated, there are about twenty-five people here, some family, some close friends... and all of a sudden someone yells down the table: "Pass me the yuca!" That to me, is a typical Sunday dinner in Cuban culture. My family as you can guess follows the Cuban traditions as well as the reputable Roman Catholicism. My family takes traditions as well as religion very seriously. We believe that sharing time with our entire family is extremely important. We always try to make time to get together on weekends and go out at nights. You could say that our family is pretty tight-bonded. All in all, Culture, religion, and family are the three major things that hold our very own culture together.

To begin with, some Cuban traditions we always try to follow are, Noche Buena which is the equivalent to what Americans call "Christmas Eve". On that day, we customarily have a lechon for dinner accompanied by white rice and black beans with a side a yuca. Another important tradition is called "Los Reyes Magos" which is translated to the Three Kings. On this days children receive toys, similar to Christmas morning, except instead of Santa Claus, the children believe the toys are delivered by the Three Kings. I consider my self fortunate to be Cuban-American because it means I receive gifts from both Santa Claus, on December 25th and the Three Kings on January 6th.

In addition, Roman Catholicism is as equally important, if not more. Did you know that about 40 percent of Cubans are Roman Catholics, the rest belong to several other religions. The reason why we take religion so close to heart is because life without faith, is like being in a ship without a captain. We usually take it upon ourselves to say prayers before each meal and go to church on Sundays. Thankfully, everyone in our family shares the same religious views. God is an extremely important part of our lives because during the hardships of life when we are succumbed in the rough stages of life, in that moment faith is what we count on.

Last but not least, comes family. They are the people whom help us through rough times whenever you need advice, they're there for us. No matter what family is most important because unlike a friend, they can never leave you. You can always trust a family member with your innermost thoughts. As well as the fact that you'll always be able to fall back on your family, they are like that comfortable mattress waiting for you at home after a long day of work. And for that I truly appreciate my family and close friends for always being there for me almost every step of the way. And that is why I am proud to be a part of the Abellan-Gonzalez-Miret family.

In conclusion, we have talked about culture, and in that culture we have religion, and heritage as well as loved ones. It is always very important to know where you come from and culture allows you to do that



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