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Roman and Greek Philosophy

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        There are many different religions in the world today, and all of them seem to relate to one another in some way. Roman and Greek philosophy was pre-Christian and set the stage for Christianity. Like wise Christianity set the stage for the Islamic religion to come about and grow into a major religion today. This paper will compare Roman and Greek philosophy to Christianity, as well and Christianity to the Islamic religion. There are many similarities with in all of them.        

        Roman and Greek philosophy over lap in so many different ways, one can see many pre-Christian ideas within the Roman and Greek philosophy. Two distinct ways that they are similar is the belief and teaching to obey the people in authority. In the Aristotle reading “On slavery as Part of a Universal Pattern”, Aristotle describes his belief’s of slavery, and obeying ones master. He goes on to discuss how some people are just born of higher stature. Some are built for hard work and labor, and some are born more intelligent and diplomatic. Similar to Christianity, the bible also teaches in 1 peter and Ephesian 5 that Christians should obey God, as well as there earthy masters, employers and those who hold higher positions. The second similarity comes from the reading of Plato “Allegory of the Cave”. This passage reminded me of religion in general, for all religions are knowledge seeking. The passage made me think of Christianity for the simple fact that when you are a born again Christian your heart and soul are changed, and one is never the same again. Christian will start to live for Christ and follow him alone, as he now lives in there hearts. The Plato reading talks of this in the sense that he believes that there is a shadow world and a visible world, and once one becomes aware of the visible world they can never go back to the shadow world again, for they would not be able to function in it properly.

        Just as there are many similarity in Roman and Greek philosophy’s and Christianity, there are also many within Christianity and the Islamic Religion. Both religions have a set of rules to follow such as the Ten Commandments, and the rules of the Sunna, and 5 pillars of faith. Their rules are also quite similar. In the passages “Sermon on the Mount”, and the “Qur’ran, one can distinguish many of the similarities. Both religions believe that God is the only way to the kingdom of heaven, and that there God is the only God. Both religions believe that works cannot get you into heaven, that you have to believe, and have faith to get into heaven. Also that the ones who do not believe, or the infidels as referred to by the Islamic religion, there works will be fruitless. Islam and Christianity both believe that their God is the protector of the believers, and that there God will help them through everything they face. Last both religions have apostle that are sent or selected by God for the people. The Islamic faith has the apostle or prophet Muhammad, and the Christian faith has many apostles, but one mentioned in the reading “Christian Universalism” is Abraham.



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