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Room Division

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Welcome to a Day in the Life of

The Oxford Hotel

The Holborn Hotel is a four star property, located in Central London.

You are the Executive Housekeeper.

Hotel information

1st floor 20 x double rooms, 10 x executive suites

2nd floor 40 x double rooms

3rd floor 40 x double rooms

4th floor 40 x double rooms

5th floor 25 x double rooms

6th floor 15 x double rooms, 10 x executive suites

1. The housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning all guest rooms.

2. The productivity standards are as follow:

1. cleaning 1 empty room = 25 mins

2. cleaning 1 suite = 30 mins

3. cleaning a stayover room = 12 mins

4. cleaning a stayover suite = 15 mins

3. The hotel does not provide a turn-down service.

4. The housekeeping department is responsible for the lobby, corridors and lifts between 7am and 9pm. 3 attendants and a supervisor are needed to take care of the Public areas for the day.

5. Contract cleaners carry-out night cleaning duties.

6. All bed, bath and table linens, as well as staff uniforms, are laundered by a contract laundry, which collects and delivers every morning at 8am.

7. Because space is limited and the laundry provides a daily service, the hotel operates a "just in time" inventory system and only holds 0.5 par of spare linens.

8. For emergency use and for laundering small items the hotel has a washer and a hot air rotary drier. The washer has a capacity for 20kg of dry items. The drier has the capacity for 20kg of wet items. Please note that 1kg of dry linens = 5 bed sheets or approximately 12 pillow cases. The washer cycle is 30 minutes for a full load and the drier cycle is 45 minutes for a full load. Clean, wet linens from the washer are approximately 150% of their dry weight.

9. The hotel has two steam irons and ironing boards and a small steam press. It takes an average of 45 minutes to press 120 bedsheet or 300 pillow cases

10. There is one new vacuum cleaner in the stores.

11. It is the end of the financial year; the new budgets have not yet been approved. There are no funds left in the housekeeping budget for repairs or for the purchase of any equipment or supplies.

12. Normally two people are required to operate the linen room during the early shift and one person is required during the late shift.

13. The productivity standards for supervisors is 1 supervisor = 120 rooms

14. Housekeeping managers should ensure that unless there are exceptional circumstances, they remain in the housekeeping office to control operations.

15. 1 of par of linen for a double room =

o 2 x bed sheets

o 1 x duvet cover

o 4 x pillow cases

o 1 x duvet

o 1 x bedspread

o 1 x mattress cover

o 2 x bath towels

o 2 x small towels

o 1 x bath mat

o An executive room is the same plus 2 x bath robes and 2 x wash cloths.



Executive Housekeeper (you).

Assistant Housekeeper

Please note:

 Your days off are Friday and Saturday.

 Your assistant's days off are Tuesday and Wednesday.

 On the days when you are both on duty, you work 0600 - 1400, and your assistant works 1300 - 2100.

The following housekeeping staff are available.



 full-time (40 hours per week),

 can work early or late shift,

 has been trained as supervisor for guest rooms and public areas.


 on flexible contact (10 hours - 25 hours, as required),

 can start any time but must finish by 3pm as he has to collect children from school,

 only trained as guest room supervisor.


 on flexible contact (10 hours - 25 hours, as required),

 can work any shift,

 trained as guest room supervisor and public area supervisor,


 full-time (40 hours per week),

 can only work from 10am,

 only trained as public area cleaning supervisor,

 but also has experience of working in the linen room.


 linen room supervisor, (full-time, 40 hours per week),

 works 7am - 3pm,

 can not vary these hours and has no experience of room or public area cleaning.


 full-time, 40 hours per week,

 works 7am - 3pm,

 can work in guestrooms or linen room


 full-time, 40 hours per week,

 works



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