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Roumeo and Juliet Case

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Essay Preview: Roumeo and Juliet Case

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Romeo and Juliet


1. Problem context

Romeo I have been looking on you work during the past few weeks and what I can see is that you have some problems and you have not been so beneficial and concentrated on your work. I heard that you fall in love with a girl you met at the cinema and who was sitting next to you during the movie. But I also heard that her father does not allow her to meet with you and I think that bothers you a lot. You should know that you have full support from me and MUFC as an organization.

2. Report objective

The report objective is to give and advice to Romeo how to "win" the heart of Juliet and to prove to her father that he is the real man for his daughter.

3. Love Strategies

3.1 To start with that, Romeo should show his love to Juliet and also prove it, that she will be ready to leave behind her father's advices and goes to live with her lover. First of all, buying a flower and permanent paying attention to her everyday should be a good way to seduce her. Moreover, strong words like that he can't live without her, or that she is everything that he has and he has ever loved during his life is possible to affect her and make to think that he is the right man. In addition, he has to improvise something to make her break down her father's prohibitions, something atypical, something whispered from his heart.

3.2 Doing a romance, things that will be saved in her memory forever are very good strategy to win her heart. For instance, going to the seaside in midnight and make a moon walk on the beach is a thing that a woman can find as the most romantic thing that she has ever done. Secondly, a good example is also going to watch a romantic movie, what's more this is the place where they met for first time and after that a romantic walk in the park or even a dinner in a good restaurant in candle light and wine is seemed to be very romantic. Although, she takes risk to be caught by her father this is a big step in their fraternization.

3.3 Buying expensive gifts in some cases is a good way to make a girl to love you. Firstly, buying an iPhone is a good step from your side, because you can be connected with her all the time. Secondly, a MacBook gift is also a very good idea, in this way you can see each other via Skype or upload your images together on Facebook. On the top of that, you have to be very careful because in some cases buying such gifts is understood by the woman as a way to sleep with her only for one night.

4. Conclusion

To find the suitable person who will be with him forever is very difficult action and Romeo should be very careful, but also he has to prove that he is the right one for Juliet. Firstly, paying more



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