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Russian Civilization

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When I wrote my first introductory assignment, I had very little knowledge about current or past Soviet culture. I included topics such as extreme snowy conditions, vast vodka assumptions, and Russia's hostility towards other nations. These topics were all either assumptions or biased opinions by me since at the time I only had very little familiarity with Russia. Another subject I mentioned was Russian communism and an effect it has on Russia's economy. I said that the communism has lead to so many people living in poverty because of the lopsided distribution of wealth.

After taking the Russian Civilization course I now at least know a lot more about Russia's history and the events that lead to Russia to be the country they are today. One of my previous assumptions about Russia's extreme winters has become strengthened by new information I have learned. Another assumption I had about Russia that I did not include in my introductory assignment was that in Russia, the women were not treated on the same level as the men. I always thought that women were still looked down upon when it came to jobs and leadership positions. But, after taking this course I know that currently that assumption does not hold true. My new assumption is that women are on the same platform as men and are chosen equally for job positions.

After taking this course and looking back at my assumptions, I now see that I was wrong in some things and right in others. One of the things this course, and this assignment, taught me is that I should not just assume things based on biases and from what I see in the media. I should learn about the subject matter at hand, and then make my assumptions.



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