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Essay Preview: Safety

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this proposal is to establish criteria that allow the proper functioning of a company, these are planning, organizing, examine and manage all the resources the company in planning, studying the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats that the company can have.

We have to design an organizational chart in which expose who is going to perform a task, as, and when, this allows an order specific. Also study the aspects that have to do with employees for example see the conditions in which they work and as being the correct use of resources.

A company that implements a proper administration will have great benefits because you can make proper use of the resources that are available. The companies must have very clear goals to reach, implementing areas as safety, quality, mathematics and psychology among other areas to carry out the correct decision-making.


The human factor is essential in any system of work you want to develop, therefore, an important place within the strategies that organizations establish occupies the strategic management of human resources, since this depends on the success or failure of any process that is put into operation, because all require human resources with greater powers versatile and motivated. This is the great and unavoidable challenge of our companies. The quality, as a determinant of productivity of a company, is only achievable if there are optimal working conditions. Quality, as a result of the sum of qualities at all stages of the productive processes and services, also assumes the satisfaction of the worker as a key objective, to be the "client" and direct user of the internal activities of the company.

In addition, the constant attention to working conditions to become pleasant and comfortable, is a premise that helps shape the scenario so that the man can work and constitute one of the elements influencing the job dissatisfaction. The successful management of the safety and occupational hygiene is therefore an imperative to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness. Is therefore that it is necessary to carry out studies that help to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, as well as the systematic upgrading of working conditions, taking into consideration levels of satisfaction that these policies generate in employees. It was decided to conduct a study to determine how to measure the level of satisfaction of employees with conditions that develop its work to design strategies of improvement of working conditions, contributing to increase satisfaction and productivity of work.

The prevention of accidents at work

The accidents "are an unintended event resulting material loss or injury to persons", all have suffered accidents. Some minor, other more graves... and always there is a justification for them. I am concerned to continue listening about these justifications.

Therefore I am likely concerned because I firmly believe in a phrase that my father used: "all accidents are avoidable" The reason that led me to believe this is true, without exception to all the people; because the employees that have been interviewed have suffered any kind of accident. Indeed, I asked if the accident could be avoided and the answer was always yes. There is always an additional comment in which these people mention as it could be been avoided. Unfortunately many of us needed to be involved in some serious cases to understand and convince us that accidents in the future could and will be avoidable.

Source: Estrella, C.A. 2010. Study of accidents in the workplace made for the class of Occupational Safety and Health of Inter American University of Puerto Rico, unpublished manuscript.

I reiterate that all accidents are preventable, but we need implement some elements in our company, such as:

1. Inspection:

The purpose of safety inspections is to find things which cause or help to cause accidents. Perhaps you don't realize, but there are areas in this company that may cause accidents, which can be prevented by means of an appropriate inspection; however this is true, a failure of any kind increases the probability of accidents because it causes confusion and ordinarily creates risks. In the majority of cases of accidents can be prevented with a good work of inspection, which help to avoid injury and correct defects.

2. Implement a security plan.

The plan is administered by the head of safety and health at work. For a better management please coordinate with area leaders and the Security Committee.

Starts the diagnosis with a risk analysis, identifies the dangers associated with the work and assesses the risks to establish control mechanisms. Once identified the risk, we may implement a professional training solution (PTS).

In the PTS, there is the description of the sequence of steps of work/task from beginning to end, to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. Personal protection according to the needs of the work equipment is assigned. The motivation phase occurs with training and communications, a program of training in risk prevention. (General induction, induction specified, dialogues or talks and meetings of security)

In monitoring the program unfolds with inspections. Seek to avoid damage of the physical condition of the equipment, materials, and areas that is below the standards required, to maintain continuity of processes and the investigation of accidents. Its aim is to prevent the recurrence loss, and not to seek "guilty". The correction is reflected in the review of the program and continuous improvement.

3. Security based on behavior.

In every accident, there are a large number of unsafe behaviors leading up to an accident with injury. (Unsafe acts). Find critical unsafe acts - type of the enterprise is the beginning of the system. Behaviors are quantified, giving rise to an indicator and the indicator will also serve for to assess the State of security, how development, and maintain these behaviors? Through training, setting goals toward the safety and enhancing participation.

4-Emergency Plans

This should be taking into account; the provision of media such as the establishment of methods for action, having a plan of action to enable a rapid and effective response to an emergency.

The incorporation of protections and facilities of security against all kinds of risks is carried out on many occasions, but this improvement is not the only factor necessary to achieve the level of security required. The human aspect has a great influence,



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