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Salutary Neglect Influences on American Colonies

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Essay Preview: Salutary Neglect Influences on American Colonies

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Britain's policy of salutary neglect was a plan to promote prosperity in the colonies and to rarely interfere with colonial matters in the New World. This great freedom led to the development of American society in the American colonies. During the years 1607 to about 1763, the colonies thrived and created a foundation similar to the British, yet with an American twist. Parliament and the English king rarely enforced laws of any kind on the colonies which granted the colonists with much independence to deal with local issues and decisions. Due to this policy that granted freedom, the American colonists became very fond of England. However, like the famous saying promises, all good things must come to an end. By the end of the Seven Year's War, England took power over the colonists and enforced taxes and trade regulations.

Salutary neglect was a partial cause for a development of American legislature assemblies in the colonies. Due to separation of governing influence from Britain, the colonies were left to form their own assemblies which were intended to be under submission to the royal colony government. The English government didn't sternly impose laws on the American colonies however, so it didn't provide support for the royal government. Without back-up help from the English, the royal governor's power was not as authorative as it should have been. Since they were less controlling in the colonies, they had to cooperate with the legislative assemblies which gave them greater power. Colonists developed a system of self-government which included legislatures, social ladders, and town halls. One example of self-government found in the early times of government-formation was the New England Confederation. The New England Confederation's main purpose was to protect themselves from the French, the Dutch, and the Indians. This confederation was an example of a strong, independent government. Found within the legislative assemblies was the principle of government which was government that represented the people. However, "the people" referred only to those who owned property in the colonies. Efforts to achieve a Democratic government later formed the superior government known as the House of Burgesses. Later on, the Mayflower Compact was created which shaped the way towards the American Constitution.

American colonies benefited from the lack of heavy British rule by maintaining their own commerce, otherwise known as trade. Colonial commerce was managed by the newly formed legislatures and relied heavily on Triangular Trade, trade within the colonies, and trade with foreign colonies. In 1650, the British established Navigation Acts and attempted to control colonial trade. This effort failed however, because the acts interrupted foreign trade, irritated the colonists, and were not strictly enforced. The angered colonists overthrew the acts by smuggling and conning their way around them. Due to



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