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Scaling Study - Rating Scales

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Scaling Study

According to the University of Phoenix (2011), rating scales are used when participants score when participants score an object without making a direct comparison to another object or attitude. Also according to the University of Phoenix (2011), a ranking scale makes comparisons and determines the order among two or more properties or objects. Rating scale ask participant to evaluate the performance of a new product on a point rating scale. Rating scales have many different type of design and requirement that offer two mutually responses, multiple choice, multiple response scale allowing raters to select one or more alternatives with rating scale numbers are assign based on criteria such as good, average or occasionally, which leave room for interpretation as to what the term actually means, this result sometime in inaccurate rating. Ranking scales constrain the study participant to making comparisons and determining order among two or more properties or objects. Ranking scales are numerical and the results obtained are completely objective. The results are not swayed by subjective comments or opinions, and there is no way for personal prejudices to factor in. The scale that I think is better to measure customers satisfaction is the Ranking scales because allow consistency in the tabulation of responses, each item is reared in the same standards, so fairness in the evaluation process. The ranking scales allow the respondent to rank the item in order of preference by choosing the numeric value. The following questions were used to rank the quality of tires, customer service and price from different competing companies such as Bridgestone. This will allow people who have vested these companies to express likes and dislikes of the service encountered during the visit.After completing the scaling process all the data were obtain from both ranking and rating scales. The use of ranking scale was chose to be the best scale to use in collecting of the necessary data to make the better decision sort. The final analyze were conducted on different type of passenger car tires, respondent had to ranking the quality of the product which include tire performance, wear, and price. The name brands of tires use were Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Goodrich. Many people have encountered situations in which the tries received were not worth their money. These types of situations could lead to the customer not returning to the particular company. These ranking questions required the responders to answer with a ranking scale from good, better or best. The final data showed that Bridgestone were the best tire for performance, and price. Goodyear was the wear and Goodrich tire were the lowest ranking tires in all three phrases on the ranking scales. Some of the questions that were included that the participants answered involved customer service and the amount of time that would usually be spent waiting for the service to



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