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Sci 275 - Energy Challenges

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Essay Preview: Sci 275 - Energy Challenges

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Check Point- Energy Resource Challenges


November 09, 2012

Wind energy is the first renewable energy that is discussed in the video. Wind turbines are used to create energy. They are like a windmill, and can produce energy in winds as little as 15 MPH. The next renewable energy that is mentioned is solar energy. Solar energy used solar panels that are charged by the sun's rays and produces electricity. The last renewable energy in the video is the conversion of the leftover materials from harvesting corn into making a useable fuel.

Some of the challenges that face using these renewable resources are being able to produce power in an amount that would be comparable in cost to the already low price of fossil fuels. Many people also feel that using these methods to produce energy may be difficult to incorporate into their daily lives.

One renewable resource that was not presented in this video is hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is produced by placing a dam on a river and using the current to produce electricity. The largest hydroelectric dam in the United States is actually located where I live here in Washington State.

One common challenge for non-renewable resources would be availability. For instance, with natural gas, deposits are often located far from where the energy is used. Another challenge is the effect mining of the resource has on the environment. For example, with coal, the mining caused acid mine drainage, which polluted steams. Mountain top removal is also another way that mining coal is destructive to the environment. The increase in demand of these resources would also be a huge challenge in managing these resources. There is no way that these non-renewable resources will be able to keep filling the demands of industry and consumer population at the rate that the population is continuing to increase.



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