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What Is Challenge?

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What is challenge? A challenge to me in my own words is something to have to get through in order to be were your at right now. Well challenges that been in have also been at school. Well a tough challenge to me is getting passed all the school years to were I am right now. To start with, my challenge with me is that I have a slow mind. The problem with a slow mind is that its been very hard for to catch up to what's happening at the moment. For example, lets say a teacher is giving you a lesson by the time she is finished and she's already half way through the other lesson your barely start getting what she told you first. So many times and probably my whole life I been getting bad grades, and not only that many teachers till now have been saying that I should stay in the same grade another year. And not only at school but, outside of school too. Like if am at my home it takes me a while to know what going on around me. One time when my parents realized that I couldn't keep up with regular class they talked to me about classes almost like almost special Ed. Well the teachers told my parents and then later they told me. Having a slow mind has gotten me into a lot of trouble too. Another example, thing that has also affected me is my sort term memory. To me I think that short term memory has affected me the most cause it has affected me in every area of my career. Like for example one day that I was in summer school I left to school and on my way there I couldn't remember if I left the door opened to the house. By the way my parents weren't there they left very early in the morning to phoenix. So the whole day at school I was very nervous. Things just got worst all of sudden things just got worst I was thinking to my self if i turned off the stove. So that point I was like thinking that my house is either going to get robbed or probably burn down. So I called my cousin to check and lucky nothing had happen the things that I was thinking were. But what am trying to say is to where short term memory will take you. And not only that lets say we have a test tomorrow I will study all day and on the day of the test I will forget. So as you can see I have taken obstacles to get to where I am right now and it hasn't been easy.



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