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Scripps Health Organization

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One such organization that has the vision to and mission to provide quality service is Scripps Health. Scripps Health organization is located in the San Diego California area. They are a private/nonprofit health system that has been around for over eighty years. The history of Scripps Health Organization began in the year of 1890. The Sisters of Mercy had a small five-bed dispensary, St. Joseph's Hospital. The hospital was run by Sister Mary Michael Cummings. This hospital eventually moved to Eighth and University Avenues in Hillcrest the very next year. In 1924 Ellen Browning Scripps founded the 44-bed Scripps Hospital and Scripps Metabolic Clinic. The hospital relocated and was renamed Mercy Hospital. The year of 1964 brought on a new a hospital which was a 240-bed facility called Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Further advancements include wide expansions of other facilities as well as the opening of the Whittier Institute for Diabetes and Endocrinology, Scripps Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program, Merico Eye Institute, Scripps Cancer Center, Scripps Polster Breast Care Center just to name a few (, n.d.).

Currently Scripps consists of four acute care hospitals and over twenty specialty and primary outpatient institutes. They employ over 13,000 and are leaders in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in the Southern California area. Thomas Reuters named Scripps in the top ten health systems nationwide that provides supreme quality along with secure and efficient care for their patients (, n.d.).



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