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Secondary Socialization Is Much More Important Than Primary Socialization

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Essay Preview: Secondary Socialization Is Much More Important Than Primary Socialization

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Secondary socialization is much more important than primary socialization

Nowadays people pay great attention to primary socialization because they want their children to develop in the direction they want. For example, if you want your child to be an engineer, the child will be forced to become an engineer from a small dream and before entering the school. It will not change. But the second-level socialization is different. It teaches children how to learn, how to find what they are interested in, and may forget or change what the primary socialization teaches. So secondary socialization is much more important than primary socialization. 

The primary socialization in sociology is a person who learns through the exchanges and interactions of family and relatives and peacetime before the age of eighteen. This process is in the family, and children must learn about social norms and cultural practices and etiquette. Through the primary socialization of the family, educate children on how to make friends, polite, and gain the trust of others. Some primary socialized performers, representatives of organizations such as family, childhood friends, education systems and social media, their words and deeds will greatly affect the child's socialization process. The media is the most influential agent of socialization because it can provide a lot of knowledge about different cultures and societies, or influence them through movies or cartoons. Through these processes, children learn how to do in public and how to do it at home, learn to follow the rules of different occasions, and finally understand how they should behave in different situations. (Sigmund Freud, George Herbert Mead, Charles Cooley, Jean Piaget, and Talcott Parsons). “The family is one of the most important institutions during primary socialization and that aside from providing basic essentials such as shelter, food and safety, it teaches a child a set of cultural and social standards that guide the child through life as they mature”



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