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Secret Window

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1.1 Background of Study

In the film industry, the film has been through for a few revolutions: from silent film to sound film, black and white film to color film, 2D film to 3D film. Revolutions of the technology have driven the development of film industry. Before those revolutions, filmmaker's ideas are limited by the physical problem when come in production because technology is not advanced enough to visualize their idea. The most influential technology is special effects and the motion pictures. It brought the revolution impact to the film industry production and development.

Technology advancement has empowered the filmmakers in diversion of advanced technique in visualizing their idea on the screen and extended filmmaker's creative potential to create more new and fresh storyline. The effectively and discerningly use of technology also can truly drives the film visual quality. On the other hand, development complexly in motion pictures also can ignite filmmaker's inventive in the development of distinct styles, movement and method of shooting (Ryan A. Piccirillo, 2011).

Special effects are the technique used to create effect that cannot be achieved in physical way. Special effects have created an endless possibilities, illusions, and fantasies to the film industry. It allows film industry create or reenact several architecture and other surroundings of previous eras or future. In early time, special effects can be created through the use of devices such as wires, explosives and building miniature models to create simulate epic scenes and enhance audiences' visual satisfaction. In twentieth century, special effects are mostly created by computer, such as the CGI (computer-generated imagery). Nowadays, special effects have been improved and become more realistic in visual experience. There are some genres of movie such as science fiction, magic and disaster films have become higher quality in special effects development. Through the computer aid, film industry might be using less sources in film producing, such as the green/blue screen technology that enable the actors to do shooting at the indoor studios instead of real location. It can lower down the production budget and avoid consuming too much time in production phase. Nowadays, most of the film industries have created their own special effects department as it has become one of the vital elements in the film.

3D technology is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception, to create stereoscopic visual effect in the film. Recently, 3D has become the most famous visual effect to the filmmaker. Although the first 3D film has been developed in 1922, but it did not become famous in film industry due to the hardware and production budget are expensive. When come to 2000s, 3D film had become famous and successful due to the technology advancement. In order to produce better film quality, film industry



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