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Sensory Detail Description of New York City

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Essay Preview: Sensory Detail Description of New York City

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"Next stop will be New York Penn station everyone, New York Penn station." The muffled sounds of the conductor's voice echoed through out the train. Everyone seemed to rise in unison, as if it were rehearsed, to prepare for our arrival. The train comes to a screeching halt, and the hissing of the doors opening reveals Penn station. As I embark from the train on to the pavement, I am suddenly bombarded by a mob of people pushing in one direction, forcing me up the narrow escalator. I arrive at the top and begin to wander into the hectic city life.

I stopped for a moment just to observe the people in the streets. Many of them were scurrying to get somewhere, talking on the phone, listening to music, and ignoring one another as if they were the only ones here. The men were all dressed in their suits and ties and the women's high heeled shoes could be heard striking the ground very swiftly one after the other. The enormous skyscrapers tower over me and I can no longer feel the summer sun beating down on my skin. The architecture of each building is so eye-catching and differs from one another. Some appear to be made of all glass, others are more vintage looking, and some even have striking statues attached to the buildings. The streets seem more congested than the side walks. The continuous sounds of cars honking at one another pierce through my ears, and the bright yellow taxis are so overpowering to the eyes.

I continue to walk and I am hit with a smell of the concession stands on every corner. The smells of the greasy knishes and hot dogs, the salty pretzels, and the warm peanuts fill up the air. The smell is so appealing that I stop to try some. The pretzel I bite into is crunchy on the outside, yet so warm and soft on the inside. My tongue stings for a moment as the salt hits it but it just adds to the magnificent zest of the pretzel. However, when I'm not passing one of the many stands all I can smell is the gasoline coming from the cars and the garbage piling up on the side of the road. In the city you can also find places like Time Square where the colossal signs dominates the sky and the Jumbotron illuminates the streets. Broadway is where you will get pleasure from the marvelous acting and sounds of the musical productions. If none of this appeals to you, you can just enjoy the sensational New York City shopping going into 5 stories of clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

The city is always a great place venture to, however, I feel as though the winter and the holiday season is the most exciting time to go. Even though there are still concession stands with the hotdogs and hamburgers, there are additional stands roasting peanuts and chestnuts and the smell takes over the city. The Roasted Chestnuts taste so tender and sweet, they can warm your whole body with just one bite. The chaos in the city is more frantic then ever before. The streets are more congested because not only is there



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