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Sexually Fat

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Fast food is consumed by many people today because it is good, cheap, easy and once in a while free. Fast-food restaurants and other sources of calorie-laden junk have gained over America's kids. Fast food advertisers and manufacturers use attractive models and celebrities to promote their fast food products. These models will sometimes wear revealing clothing to advertise the fast food. In addition, questionable language is used for the same advertisements, saying things like, "It's gonna get messy," with a picture of an attractive girl holding a dripping burger. Franchises could stand to take more responsibility for the sexual innuendoes and exploitation they put out in advertisements. Parents and society in general should also play a role in monitoring fast food advertising and consumption, taking the responsibility to choose whether to eat junk food.

Fast-food franchises use supermodels and celebrities to advertise in their commercials or pictures in magazines. It may be expensive, but fast-food corporations know that the profit will outweigh the cost. For example, Carl's Jr. uses Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge to promote their advertising. In the ad "She'll tell you size doesn't matter," Paris Hilton is shown holding a big, juicy burger, and has an expression of ecstasy spread across her face. This shows that it is a lie, and size does matter. Of course consumers already know this because men are rushing to Cal's Jr. to get a Paris burger, and the girls are rushing there to get a Paris figure. Similarly, the Carl's Jr. ad showing Audrina Patridge lying on the beach in a sexy bikini promotes the idea that eating fast food is not unhealthy. Again, men want Audrina's Burger and women want her size. While this ad explains that eating fast food is good for the body, any enlightened consumer will know that eating an abundance of fast food will lead to obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, and high-blood pressure. Fast food advertising isn't just directed towards adults. Diana Urbina mentioned that "Kids will watch 1 hour of commercials for every 5 hours of kids programming". As kids sit watching their cartoons, they will see famous cartoon characters advertising for cereal or fast-food restaurants, and they begin to believe they are hungry, even though they really may not be. So they begin snacking between meals, asking for fast food more often, maybe for that cool new toy that was just advertised. Thanks to "good" advertising, kids have replaced nutritional foods and habits with junk food.

There is an old saying that says "Sex sells," and that could not be more true. By putting attractive people in very revealing clothing, and clever staging in the advertisements, fast food franchises can draw in their audience by giving into their interest in sex, and sell their products in the process. There are many fast food commercials and pictures out there with attractive people in provocative clothing or questionable situations. A good example of this



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