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Sharpshot Images

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Sharpshot Images offers an extensive line of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions in the world. We look to achieve our goals by targeting families, students and young professionals who love innovation. Sharpshot Images is leading the way to the future with technology. We offer digital cameras with world leading technology. It allows our consumers to connect with their family, friends and peers through social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by uploading their pictures wirelessly through our high-tech cameras. We also have the best camera lens in the world, which provides the highest mega-pixel resolution available today. From our continuous efforts in R&D, we offer innovations like Wi-Fi and Internet connection in our cameras.

I found the topic of this article to be interesting as I myself am an employee at an accounting firm and I will not be wrong to say that even working at the accounting firm, I have to market my skills and my firm's achievements as I was hired for a position in the marketing department. It is certainly very interesting to see that how marketing has become such a significant part of our market. . Undoubtedly, I find this article to be very logical. The article also seems to be well organized but I feel it provides too much information all together in the very beginning, which might confuse the readers. However, the article seems well organized because it presents the concept of marketing very well. Also, as the article progresses, the authors provide good information on how we can become good marketers.

. The article is also sensitive to the fact that it might in a way discourage some work population at performing their best, because just like me there are many people who do not have exceptional marketing skills. This article emphasizes that without marketing, it is hard to succeed in today's economy. I somewhat do agree with this statement but saying that marketing well is the only way to succeed is not a 100% correct. We all know people who have not been good at marketing at all but have reached the heights of success with exceptional skills in their fields of interest. On another note, I would like to mention that the article provides very helpful information on marketing techniques that can be applied by organizations to perform very well in the competitive market we are striving through today.

I find it surprising that the authors do not emphasize well on the importance of sales agents who bring a lot of customer sales to their companies. As a matter of fact, I think no company will be successful without having an aggressive and progressive sales team. I will not hesitate saying that they're the backbone of any company. I appreciate the authors for including the quote of Virgin Atlantic Airways CEO Steve Ridgway, as I had read this quote somewhere else before and found it to be impressive. He said, "we fly exactly



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