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Should Home Work Be Banned from School?

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Essay Preview: Should Home Work Be Banned from School?

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Our country the issue of home work can damage parents and children's relationship whwn trying to get it all done, and ends in tears all round. In some schools, teaching assistents are asked to mark work, it was claimed, because they believe that home work is important

Today we live in a society that both parents needs to work full time job, how they can check home work in day time? this raison bacame a big faith when is time to go in bed, and still there home work to finish, from this situation, the parents and students has been in conflict, and ask for them self why we have to deal with this, it is no reason for this.The students aren't encoraged to get home and keep doing the same thing, that had being in school it is no positve result only faith with parents and stress.

The ather hands the high educations stuff says home work is not compulsory but it is encoraged, in my knowledge, I agree completely that home work choud be doing half an hour of home work, specially for ten and eleve years olds, every day, they can get a chance to review the subject from the class.I strongly conform that home work should be reviewed at home, with reserch has the result and with may experience that we can learn whwn we expend time to practice.Under plans, allstudents should been civering areas that the student need to complete the resorce at home. The family needs to work together, the positive and sucess will be for every body in the family. The real issue is that students should be doing a certain amount of self-study and independent work. the way to make time for it in a day is to eliminate things that kids will forget the next week which is most lecture. There it is one important thing we could find in favour of home work, though, is that you to have a chance to see first hand whwther your child understands what they have been taught (or not) at school.

It s necessary be in touch with books and note book at home, I say this as a mother and an educational worker. I understand how is important to be with friends and go out on trips with families, so after revew the reasons, explanation, and evidence and support, home work is completely necessary. With home work we gain more chance to review all the stuff and help us to learn . Of course there is a lot desagree about doing home work, some people think even it is just silly, because for this kind of people, for them, they are been prepared all the time, they are smart, they learn all subject from class room.



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