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Singapore Airlines & Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate and Social Responsibility Reports (CSRs) provide an overview of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of a companys operations and products. While not a required filing type, publicly traded companies increasingly produce these documents to provide transparency to customers and shareholders.

Standard financial reports such as the Annual Report do not reveal all the risks, liabilities, or advantages associated with a corporations activities think Mining, Tobacco, and Oil firms. To get the full picture of a companys operations, opportunities, and risks, a CSR report is a must.

Why Does a Company Issue a CSR? To:

- Enhance stakeholder relations and credibility.

- Increase access to capital

- Protect/enhance brand image

- Increase integration and alignment of CSR strategies

- Bolster internal communication

- Streamline responses to ad hoc information requests

Who Uses CSRs?

CSR reports are in increasing demand by the customers and investors of publicly traded companies, who want to fully understand the financial risk and opportunities associated with the companys conduct of business.

Financial filings from the Global Reports Library offer some significant benefits to researchers:

- Timeliness: Using web crawler technology, proprietary tracking systems and an experienced document acquisition team, we are able to update 90% of the documents in our collection on the same day they are made publicly available. For certain emerging market companies, it may take 3-5 days to source the document.

- Functionality: all the documents in our collection are in full-color native PDF format, meaning that documents are fully text searchable and can be copied/pasted into presentations and other documents Additionally, the native PDF format means that document sizes are quite small average <2.3 MB which allows for quick downloading.

- Quality. As the only Source Document collection in full color native PDF, Global Reports sets the standard for document quality. For customers needing high resolution in order to read financial figures or smaller font, Global Reports files are ideally suited.

Obtaining CSRs is fast, simple, and convenient via the Global Reports Library on Research and Markets. If you cannot find a specific CSR please notify us via our 'Contact Us' page.



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