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Situational Analysis Swot - Bread Bowls Galore

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Essay Preview: Situational Analysis Swot - Bread Bowls Galore

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Situation Analysis

Bread Bowls Galore offers a unique twist on traditional dishes that are not normally considered fast food items such as stews and soups. Bread Bowls Galore uses all natural, fresh, and premium ingredients in their made from scratch bread, soups, stews, sauces, gravies, chili, salads, pasta, dips, and deserts.

SWOT Analysis

Figure 1 shows a summary of the internal and external factors that affects Bread Bowls Galore's market opportunities. Since Bread Bowls Galore is a newly established business, the SWOT Analysis will not demonstrate the company's full potential. Therefore, the analysis will need to be reviewed and updated every six months for a period of two years. The company's internal strengths come from a team of experienced managers, trained team members, a supportive/mentoring board of directors, and the acceptance of a healthy, nutritious fast food menu. The company's external strengths include the increasing consumer's desire for a healthy, easy, quick and inexpensive meal that fits into their "on the go" lifestyle.

Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for Bread Bowls Galore

Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses

Management Experienced within the fast food industry as well as management Options are restricted due to small size and new start up

Offerings Unique, healthy, quick and easy to prepare, high-quality, fresh, from scratch menu items Single location specializing in non-traditional fast food competing with established competitors serving traditional fast food items

Marketing Use of non-traditional and traditional advertising as well as local and regional events Restricted or no local and regional awareness

Personnel Small, well-trained management and team members with little turnover Obtaining and training new management or team members

Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for Bread Bowls Galore (continued)

Finance Continual growth in sales revenue Limited resources restricting growing opportunities compare with competitors

R&D Continue to add new menu items and ensuring quality control Cost of or lack of obtaining different ingredients

External Factors Opportunities Threats

Consumer/Social Fast-growing segment due to growth in the consumer's desire for a healthy fast food menu Recognition of a known name and customer's view of the product value

Competitive Distinctive name and specialty menu Competitors attempt to duplicate or expand their menu

Economic Expendable income continues to rise and the convenient lifestyle for the busy consumer An "eating at home" becomes the trend

Legal/Regulatory High U.S. Food & Drug Admin. Standards ensure high quality, healthy menu Maintaining a high quality, healthy menu could increase the cost of the products

Although Bread Bowls Galore's main weakness is the

Market Target

The Bread Bowls Galore's food concept and product image will attract all customer profiles such as;

Young people- more and more young people have developed healthy eating habits as well as those who go through a "health food phase."

Health conscious people- anyone who is on a restricted or prescribed diet as well as those who are committed to maintaining a healthy diet.

Curious and open-minded people- those who will seek out and want a new experience while learning that nutritious food can be tasty, fun, convenient, and inexpensive. "If you try it, you will like it."

Industry Trend

According to the US Fast Food Market Forecast to 2014 report, "consumers are turning away from their traditional habits and are looking for a number of different product varieties. Consumers are also becoming more price conscious about their choices while maintaining a quick and easy meal that fits into their busy lifestyle. The report also states that the fast food industry is emerging as one of the leading industries of the country and provides a lucrative opportunity for both existing and new market players and is expected to surge to approximately 4%



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