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Analysis Swot and Possible Strategies on Great City University

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Essay Preview: Analysis Swot and Possible Strategies on Great City University

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To: Senior Lecturer

From: Management Consultant

Subject: Analysis SWOT and possible strategies on Great City University

Date: 23/2/2017

  1. 1.0 SWOT analysis

        SWOT analysis consist 4 components which S represent strength, W represent weaknesses, O represent opportunity and T represent threat and used by Great City University to enhance a fuller awareness of the situation assists with both strategic planning and decision making because it can help Great City University considered their internal factor which consider strength and weaknesses and external factor which consider opportunities and threat facing in the marketplace.

1.1 Strength

        Great City University has just recently changed their status from polytechnic to become a university.  Even through Great City University has lost an annual 3 million of fund, but this is also consider as a strength because the government also has been move control over their operation, meant that it provide a more flexibility and expanded control over its operations. It can help to enhance decision making of Great City University because the decision is made and in charge by their own management team and won’t restricted by third parties. This is because sites of Great City University have been rationalized; walking distance from one place to another and the numbers of students are increase when become university.

        Great City University have high demand on the business course offer to students which over 50% of student are taking business course, meant this is main income by university because it earn 4 million of profit  in 2001 and contribute to an overall profit  of 2 million for the whole university. Great City also cooperation with European Countries which provide European Business Studies course and it will help to increase student study in Great City University because the education and certificate  provide by them is accept and remain competitive in European employment market.

1.2 Weaknesses

        Employee satisfaction is a weakness for Great City University because their restructuring their administrative and supporting staff which do a redundancies and demotion. The seven excellence-research staff also now fallen to two because they not satisfied the offer and bonus of new contract and proposed one-day strikes. This will decrease the reputation of Great City University and caused reduce the number of most able staff work in Great City University. The quality of research also will decrease due to the number of excellence-research staff are decrease, it will also reduce their reputation because research provide by the not recognize throughout the world.

1.3 Opportunity

        Due to the high demand in business course, Great City University can continuous develop their business faculties by using resources of Arts and Science faculties because it has been closed because the low number of students attracted. They also can recruit most able staff in business sector  and continuous cooperate with foreign institutions because it can help to improve their education and experience offer to business students and also help to increase global reputation on business course and attract more students choose taking business course in Great City University.  

1.4 Threat

        Due to the globalization, the competitors around the word are considering threat of Great City University because now can easy compare different university stated in different country through internet when choose university. Great City University have to continuous develop their international reputation and quality of education because  the background, tuition fees, course offers, achievement, news and other information of Great City University can easily search by students to help them make decision.

        Computer and library facilities also consider threat of Great City University because the facilities were last reviewed four years ago when student are lesser compare with current year and many lecturers still required reports to be word-processed. It will reduce student’s satisfaction on the service and facilities provide by university when they facing difficulties when using facilities and do reports because the learning technology and study condition is not good and reputation of university will decrease because student won’t be promote and tell other students choose study in Great  City University.

  1. 2.0 Possible Strategy

The objective of Great City University (GCU) is to become a university which are highly regarded, enterprising and accessible with strong continental and regional links. The objective is to tell what achievement would like in accomplishing the vision and mission. By contrast, strategies are suggesting paths to take on the road to achieve. That is, strategies are help the University determine how they will realize their vision and objectives through the nitty-gritty world of action.

2.1 Quality of education

Great City University have to continuous improved the quality of education which to provide an excellent education and experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students which establish a secure foundation for their future career. This is because a tuition fee is a main income for university and students are a main customer for GCU and also is their main commitment to academic excellence for business and the professions. When Great City University continuous improved the quality of education to enable their graduates to remain competitive and distinctive in the employment market, it can help to increase reputation of Great City University and attract more students come to studying in Great City University followed increase the revenue of the Great City University. This is why Great City University have to ensure they provide an up-to-date knowledge and meets the employment market needs.

2.2 Quality of research

Great City University also have to increase number of staff responsible for research to improve the quality of research which continuous produce research that is recognised throughout the world and it will thereby enhance the learning experience of students. A higher proportion of professional research academic staff is one of a problem which needs to be overcome to improve the academic quality and content of degree programmes of Great City University. When they provide research that relevance to contemporary intellectual challenges and recognized throughout the world, it will provide up-to-date knowledge to the students followed will improve international reputation of Great City University and enable them to pursue and support collaborations with leading institutions.



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