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Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

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Essay Preview: Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

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Bochen Yao

April 21st

                                            Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

  1. Koren’s decision to join a sorority was based, in part, on the fact that she would find drinking buddies. Does Greek life encourage drinking or do hard core drinkers simply group together?

        Greek life is such a fun time and an amazing experience. By giving Greek life the false image of a non-stop party, others in the community and even the school will start to think people in Greek organizations love to get smashed.  Having this bad reputation is not only bad for the individual student but also the college as well. Greek life is not all about the drinking and if others can see that, Greek life can truly get the recognition it deserves and students can join these groups to make new friends and to help do service.  No matter what reputation they have, Greek life benefits students, the college and the community.

2.  According to the book, three quarters of students have report bad experience due to someone else’s drinking. What’s the worst experience you’ve had due to yours or someone else’ drinking?

        The first worst but also the funnest experience I ever had was the first time me and my sister’s family having an union in a fish sashimi restaurant in china. My uncle was upset about he daughter never coming back home even its during summer time, and he understand that he need to let her go so he was drink royal crown, that was the first time I actually start drinking. My dad didn't allow me drink a lot because I guess he want to to learn something and take care of my uncle at the end. When he was about finish the entire bottle. He fell off from the chair. Me and my dad helped him stand up and he told me “Let’s beat your dad.” I was laughing and worried about him. Then he throw up and it was terrible. That was one of my worst memory about drinking.

3.  Kroen implies that a lot of drinking on campus happens because there’s nothing to do; she’s “bored to tears”. Do you feel that this is common?

        I do not feel this is common. Because ever since I was in trouble of drinking I found out that I use something that I a capable of such as doing magic tricks on the court street. So I start doing magic tricks on corn street after that. I also made some money from doing it because I usually spend lot of money when I drinking in the bar. But right after I stop drinking, I can make money and stay away from drinking. So this is why I don't fee this is common.

4.  Have you done things while drunk of which you are ashamed later?

        The worst thing I have ever done was nothing terrible, but it was kinda stupid. I told a Chinese girl that I kinda like her after I was kinda drunk. We kinda argue about it for a few weeks, then she start getting mad at me because I was pushing too hard. We eventually never talk and the worst part is not no longer talking to her again, is since she knows everyone in this OU, she just tell everyone stay away from me and not making friends with me. So that was the thing that I were ashamed later.



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