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Social Gaming: Logsheets That Predicts Disc Personality. an Analysis of Trends and Behaviour

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Essay Preview: Social Gaming: Logsheets That Predicts Disc Personality. an Analysis of Trends and Behaviour

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In current times, many turn to the computer as a source of information and chiefly, entertainment. This has made it crucial for game developers to come up with hard-hitting games that appeal to mass audiences. The revolutionary internet has made it convenient and simple for people to access games as a form of entertainment, and this is where researchers step in to help create more games that can entertain people effectively. Game developers today face an immense difficulty in creating a game that caters to an audience of many different DISC personalities. This study hopes to find clear evidence to suggest that a subject's DISC personality can be interpreted through the means of a few questionnaires and logsheets that can be applied to various game types and genres. This study also hopes to create a series of logsheets that can investigate correctly the thinking processes the subjects undergo in the course of the game. As Shane M. Murphy wrote in his article "A Social Meaning Framework for Research on Participation in Social Online Games" "[1], "Modern forms of electronic gaming constitute a new environment for human behavior.", and this we can draw from human behavior exhibited in modern forms of gaming. As a continuation of the previous project[2], this research project aims to develop a generic logsheet that can predict a subject's DISC personality after and during a session of game play. By drawing on the different traits that people of different DISC personalities possess and exhibit, we came up with a questionnaire that can accurately interpret a subject's personality after or during a session of game play. The rationale behind this experiment is so that other researchers can take our logsheets to find out what the gamers DISC personality is. The second part of this paper describes the methods taken by the researcher and the process of experimentation.



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