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Environmental Trend Analysis

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Environmental Trend Analysis


This Environmental Trend Analysis is an attempt to forecast into more broad environmental factors that can help forecast the growth of Drug Test Authority, LLC. The broad arrays of trends that will be focused on consist of internal, operative, and natural environment, political, and technical factors that will give a scope into finding new ways to innovate, market, and provide new opportunities for Drug Test Authority, LLC.


The purpose of the Environmental Trend Analysis is to give Grace Spencer, President and sole employee of Drug Test Authority, an idea of the prominent forces that are in the business industry. Having an idea of these forces can be a milestone into future growth and success in the business.


The scope behind the Environmental Trend Analysis is to help Drug Test Authority accomplish their main goal of eliminating drugs in the workforce and the education systems while becoming successful as a small growing business.

Environmental Trends

1. Population- One trend that is very important for the business is how many people in the city of Cincinnati are above the age of 18. According the City of Cincinnati, there is a population of 331,285 people in the city right now and of the population numbers, 76% are over the age of 18. Historical evidence from 10 years prior shows the population at 364,040 with 281, 024 people being over the age of 18 which roughly equivalents to 77%. This is significant for the business because it an idea of how many people will be in search of jobs in the future. It also shows the lack of growth in Cincinnati which can have a negative impact on the Drug Test Authority, LLC.

2. Unemployment Rate- The unemployment rate is also an important trend that needs to be analyzed. Dating back from the beginning to 2011, Cincinnati is experiencing record high unemployment rates. In January the unemployment rate was at a staggering 8% and has been steadily climbing the whole year. It is currently at 10.4%, which can be very positive for Drug Test Authority as well as negative. The positive is that there is a portion of the population that needs to find jobs that will possibly require drug testing. The negative is that other industrial sectors are experiencing a recession and do not need more employees due to their lack of expansion projects.

3. Cultural Trends- Drug Test Authority is not alone in the fight against drugs, institutions such as the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati has developed coalitions and programs to help minimize the use of drugs and alcohol in the Greater Cincinnati area. Institutions like these are helping form youth groups, local coalitions, and creating regional initiatives to push for a more Drug-Free Cincinnati. This is a positive for the mission of Drug Test Authority because it can help influence local industries to do drug screenings before hiring individuals, ultimately helping reduce the use of drugs in the workforce. It is also statistically evident that when adolescents get involved in youth groups they are less likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol. Coalitions like the Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Education, Hamilton County Safe Communities, and Madisonville Weed and Seed have all been developed due to the efforts of local



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