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Social Perspective Towards Family

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This paper addresses the sociological perspective on family. The perspective on family conveys growth and interaction within a society. The three sociological theories functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism controls the lack of balance in a family. It guides the youth on the rules of society regarding committing to another individual and providing for a family.

In comparison the structural functionalism and conflict theory are the two opposing theories in sociology. The theory structural functionalism targets balance by providing organization and endurance in a society while conflict theory focuses on the injustice of balance that produces rivalry and correction. The two theories concentrates on the ethnic and gender lack of balance within families.

Functionalism applies to family with plenty character. The characters that apply to functionalism consist of identity of adolescent, sensitive reinforcement, generation, organizing intimate action, relay public position, and finance. According to the Introduction to Sociology (2011) "Sociologists understand that the ways in which people view phenomena such as social problems depend on their theoretical perspective. " Functionalism was used as a role played in society. The entire function was an example of how individuals were transformed. The sociologist Emile Durkheim studied family and trusted that family was the organism of a society that has delivered an independent individual for society. He was not afraid of family not existing in society, but as a person who exercises morality, Durkheim was sure that fellowship and union was destroyed by this impact.

Educates adolescent on knowledge to engaging in the community, totally adored by family, a society relies on new generation, family abides by the community standards regarding relationships, families pass to the adolescents the knowledge of individual position, and families collect their finance to purchase necessities. A society where individuals share equal expense and behavior of unique differences that shows teamwork and assurance. According to society the men are aggressive and women are emotional and therefore care for the children in the family. The men earn the money while the women keep the family together. Love is a functional theory that bonds a family. It was believed if women were to work the family was dysfunctional. A one parent home with the mother working was also considered a dysfunctional family to society in a low income bracket compared to a family with a mother and father.

Conflict targets how family challenges and agrees. Considering many families are built on paternal history and family order while a common connection occurs between kin. According to the book Nature/Nurture: The Sociological Fathers and Their Psychobiological Descendants (2011) "Men may have authority to make decisions and demand obedience." A family that stands



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