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Sociological Autobiography

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It was a early Wednesday morning during the month of June 12, 1991. I was born and identified as a baby boy (male) and raised in Greenville, North Carolina by a single mother. My parents divorced when I was just a baby, and hardly ever see my dad, who is full Italian, and my mother who was half Japanese and half American. My dad is in the military, which is another reason I hardly get to see him. My mom decided to go back to college when I was around eight years old to become a nurse because the only income we had coming in was my mother's weekly paychecks from Navy Federal Credit Union, which was barely enough. My mom attended Pitt and my aunt and uncle moved in to help watch me while my mom pursued her dream as becoming a nurse. I was raised in a Christian home and always was around Christian loving people. Every Sunday, we as a family would attend the nine thirty service and we hardly ever missed a service. My family of course has been a major impact on my life and the way I look at life. They have taught me many values of life that will help me get through tough times and even good times, but the one thing that I noticed the most or saw the most with my family is how much they loved me. They hugged me multiple times a day telling me how blessed I am, and just always bragging about me to their friends.

For my schooling, I attended a public school in Greenville, NC called Wintergreen Intermediate. I was taught the three major subjects which were social studies, math, English, and science. Since I attended a public school, which is where I began to interact with others and how learned to exist as a member of society and not just a human being that was put on this Earth. I made lots of friends while at Wintergreen, and even hung out with the kids I met outside of school, in which we would play pickup games outside or just run around the neighborhood and cause trouble.



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