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Sociology and Family Values

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There are many values in which a culture is brought up within. These are formed in the culture in which we live in and are established in our daily lives. When we are younger our parents teach us between what is right and wrong. We learn at a young age that there is things we should maintain as a high standard and those in which we stay clear from. As we progress in our lives we maintain the similar values of our culture, but we grow into new values as well.

While I was growing up, the number one value my family wished upon me was success. From an early age any and all educational toys surrounded me. Weather it be flash cards with colorful shapes or a math activity book, my family wanted me to succeed in an academic environment. They placed me as early as they could into a "jump start" program at age four, and thus began my academic career. Now at twenty-two years old, I have come to embrace my parent's value of success as my own. I have learned throughout these years that in order to be a successful in anything you do, weather academic or not, you must work hard. To this day, I have been successful in my academic career and continue to move forward.

Some of the values I carry to this day are those that I have learned through the culture around me. As I grew up in school, I started to notice the special treatment my sister would get. In my house, she was always treated the same. We had to treat the family with respect, obey our parents, complete our chores, complete our school assignments, and anything else that would come up within our home. My sister and I were both treated equally, but in school due to her disability she wasn't treated the same as other students. She was given special treatment, and neither my parents nor I stood by it. We believed as a family that each and every person is equal. My parents raised our family on the value of equality for all. Although my sister was disabled, she should not be denied her ability to be treated equally. As she and I have grown, we have fought this battle together. Equality is important in our lives because it gives us both more opportunities to succeed.

Among the Christian family, there are values in which we all share. Many students at Biola University would agree that accountability is a high value. As a young Christian, I was brought up to have accountability in my daily life. My youth pastor engraved it into my heart the importance of having an honest relationship behind close doors. He taught me that living "above reproach" was something that all Christian women needed. Now at twenty-two years old, I have seen what living a life of accountability has brought my peers and me. It has taught me to live honestly and pure, so that I may be an example of our Lord and Savior

There are many values that I have learned throughout my life, and will continue to learn. Those that I have listed above are values in which are a high standard



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