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Sociology Case

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The program cuts made for the elderly would cause their standard of living to be harder if I cut them too badly. I tried adjusting them, and by minimally doing so seemed to be the best for them. As for students, increasing them marginally seemed to be the best outcome. If I decreased them slightly, it did not make much difference, but in the long run it seemed better to increase them slightly. For the poor, decreasing seemed to be the worst, they are already strapped badly enough, I found by keeping them at a constant seemed to be the best for everyone. For producers, slight increases had to be the norm since government expenditures were increased because of the war; I raised the ones most involved with the war, and kept the others of bay. As for foreign aid, no matter what I did it seemed to have bad effects either way. Our own country needed help more than them, but if we didn't help out much, relations would become strained. I just left them at current levels, except for those affected by the war, I increased those slightly.

I cut some of the funding to transportation, science and space and technology, international affairs, civilian retirement and community and regional development. These seemed to be the ones that helped out the budget the most and were not directly related to the war, which added the additional millions to the budget. I did not really change anything in regards to Agriculture, transportation, and community and regional development. The three top changes I felt were aid to the poor, military spending and international affairs.

Would other cuts have had less impact on people's lives and which budget cuts had the largest impact on reducing the deficit? They may have, seeming to cut anything hurt anyone or anything. I think if I had cut education, healthcare, SS, any one thing having to deal with military spending, or low income families seemed to hurt the largest amount of people. Many of my cuts did not seem to impact the budget by reducing it much, and not really one in particular seemed to reduce it significantly unless I cut it drastically, which in reality would not work out well for all involved. I believe our government should take a really close look at factors and make decisions that will do the greatest good for the most people affected. If I had decided to increase anything more than slightly that had to do with the military or the war efforts that would have been looked upon as being the most politically motivating. Same goes for anything having to deal with the general government.

What were the tradeoffs of preserving some programs while protecting others? Some of the tradeoffs for keeping some programs versus the others are that by keeping the ones that benefited the most people and gave the most beneficial benefits seemed to be the greater good for the people. By reducing programs that benefited groups that only were significant to a select few, the gains



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