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Sociology Is the Mother of All Social Sciences

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Essay Preview: Sociology Is the Mother of All Social Sciences

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Sociology is the mother of all social sciences.

Social Work. Social work is not actually a social science. It is a profession that trains its own members. However it is often confused with sociology. Social work is to sociology what engineering is to physics. It is an applied field that draws upon the principles of sociology, psychology, and other social sciences, but is also uses its own set of techniques in helping people solve personal and group problems. Sociologists do research, but they almost never try to influence people directly through personal contact, as social workers do. Social work has specific areas, which include poverty, community organization, drug addiction, mental illness, family disorganization etc. These are closely related to the field of sociology.

Sociology and Economics. Economics is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services. It deals with the relationship of prices to supply and demand. Economics has a relationship with sociology as economic changes affect social life, for example the employment of women has changed the structure and functions of the family in modern life. Few economists pay much attention to an individual's actual behavior or attitude towards his or her job or towards money. Neither do they study business enterprises as social organizations. They leave such matters to the sociologists, who often study topics that are related to economics, for example, the social backgrounds of businessmen, the contribution of education to productivity etc.

Sociology and Political science. Political Science is the study of state. Many years ago political science was concerned largely with how to make government more efficient. It left to political sociologists the study of political behavior, for example, the social backgrounds of politicians etc. The political system does affect the group life, for example communism, democracy and dictatorship affect group life differently. Sociology studies all aspects of society. Political science deals mainly with the government, which is under the jurisdiction of sociology.

Sociology and History. History deals with the study of past. Sociologists are usually more interested in the present or the recent past. History also gives us information about the development and growth of social institutions. It is due to this that historical method of study is considered one of the important methods for the study of sociology. The historians also take the help of sociologists while arriving at their conclusions. It is one of the major duties of a historian that he should study social conditions of the people. "History is past sociology and sociology is present History." in-spite of the similarity both have differences as well. All that is contained in history is not the concern of sociology. A sociologist needs social history and institutions, which is just a part of the whole



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