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Socrates: What Is the Definition of Determinism?

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Essay Preview: Socrates: What Is the Definition of Determinism?

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Socrates: What is the definition of determinism?

Me: "Study show that the belief or guideline would undertake and existences in environment or social or mental occurrences that is normally effected by previous proceedings or actual acts?

Socrates: What is the definition of free will?

Me: free will is when you have the choice to say yes or no

Socrates: Should anyone be held accountable for an act for which they have done?

Me: We should be held accountable for our action in no certain term and should answer to our misconduct, and as a result I need to assume liable.

Socrates: What parts in the system that is the world? Are we hostages of the outcomes?

Me: We have a part in this world we just need to figure out what part. No I feel that we are in more control of our out come

Socrates: Do you agree that every event has an explanatory cause?

Me: I would hope to think that most circumstances would not hold permit detail, on every episode that require an explanatory cause, and to clarify the episodes and in what way they originates because it just do not transpire by fate.

Socrates: How do you define event?

Me: These events would be the effect so as that happen such as disaster caused by natural forces death birth and marriages

How do you define explanatory cause?

Me: I feel that I want to rely that now and again that specific options or results are chance would indicating toward free will."

Do you agree that every human choice or event has an explanatory cause?

Me: Human choices is the decisions, control, correct or freedom to select,person events are existences or incidents or able to decided stage and position thru or minus the involvement of a human means, I trust it to be similar, by human choice this is why someone has a choice what clothes to wear where as an event is what.

How do you define human choice? How do you definite human event? Are they different?

Do you agree that to have an explanatory cause is to not be free?

How do you define free?

Do you think that free will and determinism can coexist in any way?

Is it possible to have external determinism and internal free will?



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