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Some of the Birds Include Dove, Rock Dove, Mourning Cuckoo, and Yellow-Billed

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Essay Preview: Some of the Birds Include Dove, Rock Dove, Mourning Cuckoo, and Yellow-Billed

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Some of the birds include Dove, Rock Dove, Mourning Cuckoo, and Yellow-billed.

In the spring time at Reedy Creek Park the flowers start to bloom out. Wildflowers come out the first week of April. The beavers also come out from sun up to sun down in the spring thru the fall time. There also a part an education center called the NCAEE (North Carolina Association of Environment Education), which protects the birds and other forms of the floodplain. There are ten miles of hiking in the park which makes it fun because there is no traffic. In some areas you would look both ways to cross the street, other than that you have the right away to jog, hike or do whatever you please on the trail.

Reedy Creek Park also offers a great nature preserver area where you can take your family to look at the different species, and reptiles. Its hold 15 species of different mammals, one hundred and nine different species of birds, twenty different reptiles, and twelve different amphibians. It has been chosen to be one of charlotte, North Carolina baseline for water quality this is a great thing because the park can continue to grow and more species can join the park. The park is very special; people from all over the world come to visit the park. Researchers come to the natural persevere area to work on the biochemical cycle in the ecosystem.

There is this house that's sits in Reedy Creek Park that's called John Robinson Rock house. The house was built in the early 1780's which dates it back to history. This house is old and rusty now. In 1981 when charlotte Mecklenburg department took over the park, the community is in the process of fixing the house. If you hike the trails you could find the house.

Reedy Creek Nature Reserve Park has been used by humans for a long time. This park was very interested in learning about, seeing which I visited the park before when I was young. The nature preserve center was built in 1992. The family would go and see the fishes in the lake as well hike the trails. The species are growing all over the park. The beavers are mating and the researchers are taking a closer look at them. There are more than one volleyball area to play in. you could get lost in this park, which is all the more reason to go check it out.



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