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Son of a Poor Coal Miner

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Billy Elliot,the son of a poor coal miner in Northern England who is 11 years old and different from the majority of the other boys: he prefers dancing to boxing and he wants to become a ballet dancer. Billy's mother die and he has to stay at home taking care of his grandmother Nan, while his father and brother are on strike to fight for the coal mines not to be closed.Billy takes boxing lessons in an area where ballet lessons are also taught. When he goes to boxing practices with a little passion he gets chance to watch ballet classes and startes to be interested in dancing&making the same ballet moves. He soon ends up in the ballet class learning how to spin and even wearing ballet shoes himself. One day, when Jackie sees Billy dancing around the boxing ring instead of fighting he really gets very angry. Jackie learns Billy has not taken his boxing classes for months , and goes to argue with Mrs Wilkinson who is the educator of ballet lessons. She tells Billy has abilities to dance, to be a ballet dancer and he should attend to the Royal Ballet School with a promise that she will help him. However, Billy can not accept that his son will be a ballet dancer because he thinks that dancing is an act for the girls not boys. According to him boys should play football or do boxing, not the activities of girls. Billy visits his friend Michael who wears his sister's clothes and lipstick and tells that he wants to be a ballet dancer in London. They both realise that they are different from the other boys of their age in their town . One night Billy sees his dead mother Sarah and feels that she wants him to dance at the audition.Billy starts practising for a ballet audition and gets very nervous as it gets closer. One night,Michael, in a dancing skirt, and Billy, in his ballet shoes, stand in the boxing ring. While Billy is showing his friend some ballet moves, his father enters the hall and sees them. Billy jumps, spins and deadly dances with an absolute passion.Jackie finally realizes and decides to help Billy audition in London . Jackie knows that London offers Billy an escape out of the conditions of working-class existence. He sells Billy's mother's ring goes to London with Billy . Billy is very nervous and performs his dancing abilites to evaluation committee. All the family is nervous after the audition and, when the letter from the Royal Ballet School finally arrives, they are all gladly surprised to learn that Billy has got into the school. Billy leaves for London and says goodbye to Mrs Wilkinson, his friends, neighbours and especially his mother. Time goes by and Jackie and Billy's brother go to London to see Billy on his first night as the main dancer in the Royal Ballet Company. Billy dances wonderfully and they are all proud of him.



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