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Native Son by Richard Wright

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Essay Preview: Native Son by Richard Wright

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In Native Son, Richard Wright shows how society forced Bigger Thomas

To commit murder. The environment he, and the rest of the black society were

forced to Live in was unbalanced. Blacks and whites were not equal what so ever.

Blacks were always the scapegoats, if Anything got stolen, or anybody got killed

or injured, the answer what usually "A black man did it." White people had every

right to become any type of profession that they pleased, such as doctors,

lawyers, teachers, pilots. Blacks on second hand, had almost no rights.

The one dream that Bigger Thomas had, was to fly a plane, and that

Was very unsuccessful for him, since it was simply not allowed, under no

Circumstances. While Bigger was standing outside and smoking a cigarette with

his friend Gus, he saw an airplane, up in the sky, he pointed at it and said " That

plane up There looks like a little bird." I think there's more to meaning to that than

the plane just being high up in the sky like a bird. When you think of a bird, you

Think freedom, the right to do anything you please, fly around peacefully and

Happily for as long as you can. I think that Bigger was so desperate to get out his

neighborhood and the society that he lived in, that he wanted to fly around in this

Plane which he really considered a "bird" that actually had freedom, unlike him.

The Neighborhood he lived in, was trashy, and gang filled.



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