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South Africa

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Essay Preview: South Africa

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South Africa is a nation with a wonderful and varied culture. This country has been called "The Rainbow Nation", a name that reflects the diversity of such amazing place. The different ethnic and cultural groups of the South Africa do, however, appreciate their own beliefs and customs. Many of these traditions, besides African culture, are influenced by European and Western heritage. The complex and diverse population of the country has made a strong impact to the various cultures. There are forty-five million people; about thirty million are black, five million white, three million coloured and one million Indians. The black population has a large number of rural people living in poverty. It is among these inhabitants that cultural customs are preserve the most.

South Africa is such a beautiful country abundant of life and hope. Africa 's landscape is composed of wide open spaces, brownish hills and red sunsets. These prodigious backgrounds depict the nature of the culture in South Africa. Culture is what makes Africa special and aside from beautiful landscapes, the ferred. I would the like the ght fdgfdo dlgureul grelgur mnash loves cameron and he does not care so why iam i thinking bout him he is doing her no justice and she needs to leave him alone and stop thinking of looking at his facebook page.



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