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Maru Case - Bessie Head - South Africa Writer

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Essay Preview: Maru Case - Bessie Head - South Africa Writer

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Bessie Head,one of South Africa's best known writers,was born in south africa but spent much of her life in Botswana.Her works include a question of power and a women alone among others.

With all my South African experience,I longed to write an enduring novel on the hideousness of racial prejudice.But I also wanted the novel to be so beautiful and so magical that I as the writer,would long to read and re-read it.The novel that resulted Maru

Margaret Cadmore ,an orphaned Masarwa girl,goes to teach in the remote village of Dilepe in Botswana,where her own people are kept as slaves.her presence polarises a community which does not see Masarwa people as human,and condemns her to the lonely life of an outcast

On this journey of the book Maru you may experience many emotions and find out how evil prejudice may be and what it may drive people to may discover many characters along the way and feel the intense emotion of this novel as it shows the true meaning of what a Masarwa is to many people.

This novel is also about friendship and how Margaret Cadmore junior discovers her true being and how many men become indirectly seduced by her as she has a very appealing atmosphere about her.This novel not only introduces friendship but expresses feeling and a vibe like no other as the beginning of the book is infact the end and this slowly unwraps itself into a jelouse fight over Margaret where-by friends are willing to betray one another for the one they love



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