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Southern California/san Antonio Announcements

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Essay Preview: Southern California/san Antonio Announcements

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TO:          DISTRIBUTION LIST        

FROM:        DAVID MYERS                        

DATE:        OCTOBER 21, 2013


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I would like to announce a couple of personnel moves that will affect our Southern California and San Antonio locations.  First, Craig Cunningham, our Vice-President & General Manager of San Antonio has informed me that he will be retiring at the end of Fiscal Year 2014 (June 30, 2014).  Craig has offered to stay on at San Antonio in order to effectively transition his role to Mike Wren, Vice-President & General Manager of our Southern California location, who will be assuming the VP/GM position in San Antonio effective tomorrow.  Mike will be relocating to San Antonio in the coming months and will work with Craig for the remainder of the Fiscal Year to ensure successful transition for both of these important locations.  

Also, effective today, Karla Bulluck will be promoted from her current role as Transportation Director for our Southern California location to the Vice-President & General Manager of Southern California.  

Please join me in congratulating Karla on her promotion and Mike in his new role as both will be key to our success this Fiscal Year and beyond.  Also, please join me in thanking Craig for all of his work through the years in his various roles at SYGMA including VP/GM of Illinois and San Antonio as well as Regional VP, and Senior VP of Operations for the company.  Again, for the remainder of this Fiscal Year, Craig will continue to work in San Antonio to ensure a smooth transition until his retirement date of June 30, 2014.  Congratulations to all three of these dedicated associates!



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